Program Staff

DeAnna Baumle, JD, MSW
Law and Policy Analyst

Scott Burris, JD

Lindsay Cloud, Esq
Director – Policy Surveillance Program

Amy Cook, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Caitlin Davie, JD
Law and Policy Analyst 

Alexander Frazer, JD
Law and Policy Analyst 

Adrienne R. Ghorashi, Esq.
Program Manager

Heidi Grunwald, PhD

Adam Herpolsheimer, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Alexandra Hess, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Jonathan Larsen, JD, MPP
Law and Policy Analyst

Katrina Makarova
Finance Manager

Sophia Mitchell, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Kathleen Moran-McCabe, JD
Special Projects Manager

Elizabeth Platt, Esq.
Director – Policy Research Technology Program

Nadya Prood, MPH
Technical Research Coordinator

Rachel Rebouché, JD
Faculty Fellow

Sabrina Ruchelli, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Bethany Saxon, MS
Communications Director

Joshua Waimberg, JD
Legal Training Manager


CPHLR Research Fellows

Megan Hatch, PhD (July 2018 – September 2021)

Brian Lockwood, PhD (August 2018 – August 2020)

Omar Martinez, JD, MPH (September 2018 – September 2020)

Thomas Brewer, PhD, MJur, CHC (February 2019-February 2021)

Patty Skuster, JD, MPP (April 2019-April 2021)

Ellen Breckenridge, PhD, JD, MPH (March 2020-March 2022)

Tiffany L. Green, PhD (March 2020-March 2022)

Juan Hincapie-Castillo, PharmD, MS, PhD (January 2021-January 2023)