PHLR Community of Experts

The Public Health Law Research Community of Experts is a searchable database of expert public health law researchers and their peer-reviewed publications. The database is updated in real time as articles are published online. Explore the database >>

Developed by PHLR, the Community site can be used to explore researcher profiles, networks of collaborators and topics of interest across the spectrum of public health law research. Users can find existing and emerging evidence on laws and legal practices that improve health, identify experts, and pursue new collaborations. The database can be searched by concept or last name, or through  a “free search” option that can scan the database for keywords and phrases or full citations.

The Community included funded PHLR grantee researchers and other researchers who have three or more publications meeting our definition of public health law research, the scientific study of the influence of laws and legal practices on public health to qualify as public health law research. For more information on how we define PHLR and to better understand the kind of research included in this Community, we encourage you to read the PHLR Framework paper.

The Community is always growing. If you are a researcher with three or more PHLR publications and would like to join the Community database, please let us know by emailing a CV listing your publications to